Our Environmental Policies

Caring about the world we live in!

Our world takes care of us!  From the air we breathe, to providing food, water and shelter. But more and more, we see evidence that our time to give back is long overdue. As a result, here at Kingfisher Office Solutions we have taken steps to implementing conscientious environmental policies.

Air quality is low and greenhouse gas emissions are high. Oceans are overfished and polluted. And our soil, the very earth itself, is eroding way faster than it can replenish.

Our environment is in decline, and there’s no time to waste. KOS and Ricoh’s long-term environmental policies plan to bring dedication to moving forward toward a greener future for our planet. This plan adds an intrinsic value to our philosophy and business decisions, and ultimately, our customers and society.

The shape of our environment, like our business, is something we should never take for granted.

environment Policies

Sustainable Society

Kingfisher Office Solutions, alongside Ricoh see a sustainable society as one that balances Planet (the environment), People (society) and Profit (our economic activities). Given the possibility of mineral resource depletion in the near future, manufacturing styles are only sustainable if resources are reused.

Underpinning all our activities is a drive to reduce environmental impact to a level that the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities can manage. To conserve the planet’s precious resources, we work to minimise our environmental impact in the areas of resource extraction, energy consumption, chemical discharges and carbon emissions.


First we identify environmental impact at each stage of the product lifecycle, considering all parties involved – the Ricoh Group, suppliers, customers and recycling companies. From here we promote the development of environmental technology and the reuse and recycling of our products to reduce their total ecological impact.

environmental policies


Used products are valuable resources. We recover our used products and reuse and recycle their parts. Parts that can’t be reused are recycled as high-quality materials. We repeat the cycle as many times as possible to reduce the need for new materials and minimise waste.

KOS and Ricoh Our Sustainability Society – Our Environmental Policy

1. Resource Conservation and Recycling 

Through our lifecycle design system, we minimise component use and invest in alternative resources like Plant-Based Plastics and Biomass toner. We work to make devices smaller, simpler and lighter and recycling and reuse is key to component design. Since 2001, our factories in Europe have a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, meaning that 100% of our resources are recovered. Consumables like toner cartridges are reborn as garden planters and equestrian equipment. And our green-line machines are manufactured from end-of-life equipment, resulting in a 40% carbon emission reduction over their lifetime.

1. Energy Conservation

We use solar power and other renewable energies for electricity generation and continually evolve our production processes to realise low-carbon manufacturing methods. At the distribution stage, we carefully monitor CO2 emissions and continually improve distribution efficiency within our distribution chain.

3. Pollution Prevention

Our concern is with both the environment and the health of the people who make and use our products.

By managing printing more efficiently, our customers are able to reduce their environmental impact without affecting their bottom line.

Our bespoke software assesses your print environment to help you work smarter. It analyses your current workflow, optimizes fleets to save energy by eliminating redundant or underutilized devices and utilises electronic distribution to reduce print costs and save paper. And our cost-free recycling program, keeps recyclable materials out of landfills, making a big difference in preserving our environment by reducing waste. Recycling is available for all Ricoh consumables: toner cartridges, imaging units, waste toner bottles, developer, developer units and drums. It’s quick, simple and cost-free.
Over 1,400,000 items have been recycled by K.O.S and Ricoh. That means nearly 1.7 million pounds of material has been kept out of landfills

A Greener Earth is an Award for All of Us

Environmental Policies

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