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From interactive displays in boardrooms and interactive whiteboards in classrooms that offer an authentic pen-on-paper feel, to multi-display video signs and walls, we provide visual answers for all requirements.

Our range of Sharp Big Pad interactive display solutions enables seamless collaboration, communication, and sharing. Equipped with user-friendly and highly responsive touch screens, you can be confident that your users can concentrate on their main objectives.

Sharp’s lineup of professional display solutions and video walls are perfectly suited for environments where clear communication of intricate information is vital. Offering top-tier visual business solutions in sizes ranging from 43” to 86”, we are certain to offer the appropriate remedy for your demands.

Sharp Visual Solutions

Windows Collaboration Display – Sharp’s Windows collaboration display represents the next evolution in interactive technology.  The high resolution screens optimise space utilisation and foster heightened collaboration in meetings, boardrooms, training spaces, and virtually any setting.

Big Pad Interactive Screens –  Sharp’s suite of Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) have been meticulously designed to excel in educational and corporate settings, cultivating improved communication and creating an optimal environment for effective collaboration. Whether employed within a classroom or a meeting area.

Cutting-Edge Professional Screens When demanding top-tier, unwavering digital signage equipped with the most vibrant and vivid colors, discerning professionals turn to Sharp. Our displays ensure your message stands out boldly and crystal clear.

P-CAP Capacitive Touch Technology – Through Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) technology, conductive wires are intricately woven into a grid pattern on two parallel sheets of glass. This configuration enables the screen to detect changes in capacitance when touched by a finger, accurately pinpointing the touch points across the surface.

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    Interactive Displays

    You’re likely familiar with them as touchscreens, and it’s probable that you interact with one daily.

    Whether on phones, tablets, laptops, or expansive presentation boards, interactive display screens, regardless of their dimensions, offer the capability to engage and collaborate in real-time directly on the screen. By leveraging sophisticated interactive display solutions in conjunction with AV software and accessories, you can effortlessly manipulate the content using your fingertips or a stylus. A simple touch, pinch, swipe, or gesture lets you navigate, annotate, and sketch, making tasks like shopping or sharing ideas fluid and intuitive.

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    Interactive Whiteboards

    Sharp Interactive whiteboards are increasingly replacing the traditional whiteboard, with the ability to facilitate global communication and real-time collaboration in offices, classrooms and other group working environments. Intuitive and attention-grabbing touchscreen interactive whiteboards provide a more innovative, engaging and collaborative classroom or meeting room experience.

    • Easy to clean – Simply keep the screen free of smears and dry.
    • Use LED or LCD technology  – Utilising the same backlight innovation found in digital signage displays, there’s no need for costly and inconvenient lamp replacements. This approach also helps maintain cost-effectiveness while preserving consistent brightness levels.
    • Enhance visibility – Clarity and focus is improved with the wide 178-degree viewing angles, ensuring screen visibility from anywhere in the room. When coupled with LED or LCD backlight technology, this equips you to seamlessly interact with your Interactive Whiteboard, irrespective of the ambient lighting conditions.
    • Are engaging and fun – Students and office workers are far more engaged when the room is light, visibility is clear, and they can collaborate over a presentation or in a meeting in real time. By encouraging involvement through technology, interactive whiteboards can keep your intended audience focused for longer.

    Digital Signage

    Digital signage displays are guaranteed to have a much greater impact on your messaging than more traditional forms of signage.

    Digital signage allows businesses and brands to cut through the often highly saturated markets they are competing in, increasing customer engagement through targeted content and messaging with a primarily unengaged, on-the-move audience.

    In addition, Digital Signage can be an influential element of the marketing communications mix. Quality content – delivered with intense colour and captivating imagery and controlled centrally with precision and purpose – is a fantastic way to speak directly to your audience on mass, anywhere.

    Our range of digital signage display solutions bring 4K or UHD screen resolution and exceptional colour fidelity to any environment where effective visual communication is essential. Our professional products benefit from high-resolution technology, including 4K and 8K – and have specific capabilities including 24/7/365 operation and landscape, portrait and horizontal installation options, to ensure optimum effect in all conditions and locations.

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    Interactive Tables

    Every interactive touchscreen table within our collection can be configured to stand upright in a vertical position, effectively functioning as conventional touchscreen devices. However, they can also be transformed into flat tables or inclined up to 54 degrees, catering to diverse usage scenarios. Additionally, the Flex model boasts height adjustability, catering to both horizontal and vertical orientations, accommodating preferences for sitting or standing. This design element also ensures usability for individuals using wheelchairs.

    Furthermore, our interactive touchscreen tables are available with or without a battery pack. Opting for the battery-equipped version allows for effortless mobility, facilitating seamless movement within your office, care facility, classroom, or nursery environment.

    interactive tables