Visitor Management

Sharp’s Enhanced Visitor Management solution presents an intelligent, protected, and user-friendly framework for overseeing guest, employee, and contractor check-ins.

Beyond leaving a positive initial impact and liberating additional time for front desk personnel, this system plays a pivotal role in fostering a workspace that is safer, more secure, compliant, and operationally efficient.


Visitor Management

The intuitive software and touchscreen technology allow visitors to sign themselves in and out quickly using the designated kiosk – you can easily capture important information and vital consent for data protection and legal requirements – and once complete, a visitor badge is automatically printed. (Badge printer optional). Dates can set for repeat guests and groups can be pre-registered allowing them to sign in using a QR code. (Barcode scanner optional).

The system instantly notifies employees by text message or email that their guest has arrived, so the receptionist doesn’t need to. Couriers can also drop off packages using a dedicated delivery button and employees are notified in the same way.

Advanced reporting lets you generate real-time reports to identify exactly who is in the building for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. You can even contact all visitors quickly and easily with evacuation instructions in the event of an emergency.

You can add an optional small wall-mounted FastScan card reader and display provide quick and easy sign in and out for staff, making it perfect for a second, side, or warehouse entrance.

Protect the People and Places that Power your Organisation

With so many people passing through your premises each day, it is crucial to keep a record of who is on or off-site.  The Optimised Visitor Management solution lets you do just that. The solution is a smart, secure and easy-to-use platform for visitors, employees, and contractor registration, therefore freeing up administrative resources for more productive tasks, and ensuring you make a great first impression.

Bespoke for you

Depending on your needs, the system is completely configurable. Images, branding and registration questions can be tailored to your exact bespoke requirements. In addition, the system can automatically printsa badge for visitors or contractors. It can display the visitor and host details and can also be customised with guest Wi-Fi settings and any other relevant information.

People Presence Reporting

Having accurate information regarding who has visited your location is vital for security, compliance and health and safety regulations. The visitor management solution has a suite of reporting tools including the facility to create real-time and historical reports on all people present on site.

Making compliance easy

Comply with your organisation’s GDPR and health and safety regulations and help protect those in your duty of care. The sign-in process can include important information and inductions to ensure that all visitors, employees and contractors are aware of the relevant health and safety procedures and any other site safety announcements.

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