Interactive Tables

No matter whether you operate a business, provide healthcare services, or are an educational institution, technology serves as a crucial enabler for fostering teamwork, learning, communication, and maintaining connectivity among those under your care. Allow us to introduce our assortment of Sharp interactive touchscreen tables.

Sharps lineup of interactive tables, comprising The Agile, The Flex, and The Early Years, each device stands as an effortlessly usable mobile screen solution that offers a level of flexibility beyond what traditional wall-mounted interactive screens can provide. By harnessing state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, our interactive touchscreen tables accommodate up to 40 simultaneous touch-points, making them an excellent fit for both individual and group interactions.

interactive tables
interactive tables

Sharp Interactive Tables

Every interactive touchscreen table within our collection can be configured to stand upright in a vertical position, effectively functioning as conventional touchscreen devices. However, they can also be transformed into flat tables or inclined up to 54 degrees, catering to diverse usage scenarios. Additionally, the Flex model boasts height adjustability, catering to both horizontal and vertical orientations, accommodating preferences for sitting or standing. This design element also ensures usability for individuals using wheelchairs.

Furthermore, our interactive touchscreen tables are available with or without a battery pack. Opting for the battery-equipped version allows for effortless mobility, facilitating seamless movement within your office, care facility, classroom, or nursery environment.

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    Sharp Agile Interactive Table

    Crafted from sleek powder-coated steel and equipped with secure-lock wheels, this device is available in two versions – one with a battery pack and one without. The battery-equipped variant can go from empty to fully charged within just 3 hours, offering a remarkable 8 hours of uninterrupted usage. This mobility allows you to effortlessly transport the screen within an office or school, wherever it’s required.

    With an integrated camera and microphone, the Agile becomes a versatile mobile video conferencing tool, perfect for business meetings or facilitating connections among loved ones within care homes.

    interactive tables

    Sharp Flex Interactive Table

    Whether you prefer working in a seated or standing position, the Sharp Flex interactive table effortlessly accommodates your preferences.

    Designed from sleek powder-coated steel and featuring convenient lockable wheels, the device is available in two options: with or without a battery pack. With a swift recharge time of 3 hours, the battery-equipped model furnishes up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation, granting you the freedom to seamlessly relocate the screen within an office or school, as per your requirements. Furthermore, the integrated camera and microphone empower the Flex to function as a versatile mobile video conferencing tool for business meetings or nurturing connections among loved ones residing in care homes.


    Sharp Early Years Interactive Table

    The Interactive Touchscreen Table for Early Years is thoughtfully designed at an ideal height for children, and it incorporates several built-in safety features.

    Facilitating secure tilting of the display from a vertical to horizontal orientation, this design choice encourages collaborative group work among children or enables individualized, focused learning. The tables are equipped with the capability to incorporate a variety of optional award-winning educational applications developed by Yellow Door. These apps comprehensively cover fundamental aspects of the curriculum, encompassing numeracy, literacy, sensory perception, emotional well-being, and early coding. This ensures that children remain deeply engaged in the process of teaching and learning.