how to disinfect workplace
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How to Disinfect Workplace

how to disinfect workplace
how to disinfect workplace
how to disinfect workplace

Protect your Workforce from Covid 19

Here at Kingfisher Office Solutions we understand that these are very unsettling times. As a result, we want to be able to offer you the best solutions to enable you as a business to carry on in the safest way possible. Here we will show you how to disinfect your workplace, effectively and safely

You may have heard a lot of conflicting information about how to properly disinfect your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’ve discovered a COVID-19 outbreak at your workplace or if you are simply working to minimise any risk, disinfecting is a crucial way to protect your workforce.

Proper disinfection is a big undertaking, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How to Disinfect Workplace

Kingfisher Office Solutions is pleased to introduce the Smartmister Sanitiser Unit. The Smartmister has the power to prevent and control infections wherever risk occurs in the workplace, using safe organic HOCI and SmartMister. HOCI is the most effective disinfectant agent available and is completely safe for use and is kind to skin and the environment, used for more than 100 years.

“The device can operate overnight saturating your workplace with an organic HOCI mist containing hypochlorous acid (HOCI) and effectively sanitises up to 50m2, safely disinfecting every surface the mist touches, including light fittings, workspaces, behind cupboards and other hard-to-reach areas, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses in compliance with NHS recommendations and EU regulations..” 

Control the Smartmister Sanitiser via Alexa or via the mobile app for remote cloud operation. Simply program your sanitiser to come on for 1 hour during the evening and have peace of mind that your workforce and customers can come into a safe, sanitised space in the morning.

Our portable disinfection machine – uses the power of HOCI to ensure every crevice of your room is thoroughly cleaned and safely removes all viruses and bacteria, from even the hardest to reach areas.

Smartmister Sanitiser

sanitising solutions

Advantages of the Smartmiser Sanitiser

  • Simple-to-use, convenient and effective surface sanitiser and deodoriser.
  • Fully accredited to meet government sanitisation requirements.
  • large capacity storage tank for up to 31 days usage and easy refill.
  • Safe for use – ideal for all ages in any location or public area.
  • Kind for skin – non-alcoholic, non-flammable and does not dry skin out.
  • Kills 99.999% of viruses, germs and spores including COVID-19.

Who should Disinfect their Workplace

Every indoor business that has multiple staff or products that need handling would benefit from this solution, including; offices, warehouses, food production, clinics, retail, hospitals, care homes, nurseries and schools; the list can go on!

Made in the UK, the Smartmiser has been approved and formulated for care homes, medical groups and institutions.

COVID-19 Testing for Employees

If you believe someone at your workplace may have COVID-19, it is vital they are sent home to self-isolate and get a test immediately, so you know if an outbreak is occurring in your workplace. Follow the NHS guidelines to get a COVID-19 test.

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