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World Password Day

world password day
world password day

World Password Day

World Password Day takes place every year on the first Thursday of May and it reminds us of the urging importance of ensuring we protect ourselves through using strong passwords to prevent against identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Passwords are now an expected and daily part of our online lives, you need a password for virtually everything, from entering your pin on your smartphone, checking your bank account, logging into a social media account, to online shopping, and more. As a result, we can take passwords for granted and often forget how important they are.

With all this in mind, what can you do in order to ensure that your personal data is protected?


Here’s a keyword you need to know on World Password Day: #LayerUp. This refers to adding strong authentication to all your important passwords to prevent identity theft and other cybercrimes.

Tips to Choosing a Safe Password

Are you still using the same password for all your accounts? Your pet’s name followed by ‘1&’ perhaps? Today is the day for change and #LayerUp.

  1. Remember that the more characters you use, the more secure your password is. At least 16 characters is the ideal amount.
  2. Include a variety of characters, from at least one lowercase letter and one uppercase letter to a number and four symbols (but NOT the symbols &%#@_).
  3. Never use a password in more than one place.
  4. Ensure passwords are changed at least once a year, ideally every quarter.
  5. Use a password manager which will help you and your team to create, store and share passwords.
  6. If available use two-factor authentication wherever possible.

So, World Password Day is a good reminder to educate yourself to set a strong password to protect your account and information.

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