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Print Audit | Managed Print

Print audit. Reduce your print costs by up to 30% and improve efficiency!

Kingfisher Office Solutions are offering a free print audit:
In 3 simple steps, simplify your office systems
and start saving money in your organisation

#1 Schedule your Free Audit

To arrange your print audit, use the form below or call our team on 01527 544546.

#2 Print Audit

Without causing downtime or interruptions, we will survey your current set-up by taking readings from each device in order to understand the workflows of your business and the exact consumable costs per device

#3 Analysis & Report

By analysing the information from the print audit, our consultants can provide recommendations that will fit in seamlessly with your current infrastructure and show you how to save money in the long term.

Kingfisher Office Solutions specialise in saving companies money in the way they print scan and copy in-house through the process of a print audit.

We have over 20 years experience in the industry so we know exactly what customers want and need in the every day running of their business. We pride ourselves on saving companies money in the way they print/copy and scan within their business, whether they are a SME or a CORPORATE Businesses.

Please read below and have a look at what we can do for your company with regards to a more effective way of doing things to Reduce Company spending.

Take control of your in-house printing…

Managed Print is rapidly becoming the norm for businesses who wish to fully understand their office print environment. Both private and public sector are embracing managed print as the preferred method of controlling print costs and streamlining their printing/copying and scanning needs.


  • Reduced Print Costs (often up to 60%)
  • Fixed Print Costs – ideal for budgeting
  • Improved Workflow
  • Standardized print equipment (brings numerous benefits)
  • Solutions tailor made to your specific needs
  • Fully auditable departmental printing
  • Complete control of your print environment


  • Managed print puts the right devices just where you need them and fixes the running cost and servicing cost of them.
  • At KINGFISHER we have created an easy 3 stage process to ensure you get the managed print solution you need.
  • Our flexible approach to managed print will guarantee you the best solution for your print requirements.


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    Kate McTernan

    What our customers say…

    We use Kingfisher Office Solutions for all of our printing and copiers. They are a great local business who share the same work ethic and customer service ethos as us!! Would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone, nothing is ever too much trouble.