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Early Years Education

Early Years Education

Enhance early years education with the dynamic, battery-powered and mobile device, designed to create stimulating and inspiring learning environments.

Introducing the Interactive Touchscreen Table for Nursery and Early Years.
The robust and durable table uses the latest 10-point touch technology to accommodate a number of children at any one time, allowing them to draw and mark-make directly onto the screen using either their hand or finger making it ideal for all Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education and entertainment needs.

Designed with early years in mind

Built specifically for pre-school children and early years’ activities, the Interactive Touchscreen Table comes with toughened and durable safety glass which can be wiped-clean. With a robust steel structure and sleek oak wooden finish, the table is designed to withstand intense daily use.

Designed on wheels so it can be easily manoeuvred from room to room, the table also has locking brakes for added safety and security, and the tiltable and lockable screen makes viewing and touching more accessible for children.

The screen can be easily tilted and locked into position, allowing children to interact together around the table on learning apps, games or puzzles. Alternatively, the table can be tilted further through to 68 degrees before being locked into place to enable children to use it more comfortably whilst sitting to watch videos and cartoons or if they are playing on their own.

EYFS content and sensory apps

Pre-installed Early Years content and sensory apps are suitable for individual or group activities. This encourages children to socialise, learn, share and communicate, covering all areas of the early learning goals via fun educational content.

Optional award-winning Yellow Door apps

Publisher of multi-sensory resources, Yellow Door apps cover all areas of early learning and can be pre-installed*1 on the Interactive Touchscreen Table.

Unlock learning potential

The Interactive Touchscreen Table is a powerful EYFS / KS1 teaching tool for game-based learning. With complete freedom to download further apps directly to the table via the Aptoide or Google Play Store. With the ability to pin protect and restrict children to only approved apps, you can rest assured that safeguarding of children is covered.

Early learning goals

Released in 2017, Ofsted guidance states that children should have access in schools to a wide range of technologies that they might use at home. Early learners need to explore a wide range of media and materials, and be provided with opportunities and encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings through many activities, including technology.

The Interactive Touchscreen Table allows young children to develop important early learning skills such as: hand eye coordination, reading, writing, speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy, whilst having fun playing with others.

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